Hiking, wine and spa in the heart of Tyrol

Schönes Wanderziel: Die Wolfsklamm bei Stans

Schönes Wanderziel: Die Wolfsklamm bei Stans

Stans (Tyrol) – In the Karwendel Silver Region already resided Emperor Maximilian and the Fugger. Today holidaymakers admire there the great cultural treasures and enjoy a magnificent natural and mountain scenery. And with luck, a tiny sip of wine rose hips.

The surprise had succeeded. „Please visit our times Tyrolean winemakers“ had us Berndt Arnold, Deputy General Manager of the hotel Schwarzbrunn in Stans recommended as we had asked for an interesting hiking destination. Two ambitious fruit winemakers who started from the passion for nature and fine wines attempt Tirol to make as wines and liqueurs in the glass to life? That sounded so new as promising.

The viticulture in North Tyrol goes according to tradition on the Romans back 2,000 years ago. Since there are only a few grapes in Tirol in an appropriate amount, Ronald and Dieter keltern Knabl short for some years fruit wine – a tradition that was once widespread among the peasants. Located in the mountain village at Pillberg Kellerjoch, high above the Inn Valley and around ten kilometers from Stans, which lies 1,100 meters above sea level probably the highest vineyard in Tyrol. Enough reasons to make flight on the way.

By honey-colored larch forests it’s done slowly to fruit winery
Stans, located halfway between Kufstein and Innsbruck, many tourists know more than the passing on the way to the south. The 2000 Soul City is located in the Karwendel Silver Region, which extends from the Bavarian border over the Karwendel peaks up into the Tux Alps. The district capital of Schwaz, three kilometers away from Stans, was once one of the largest cities in Austria, when silver mining in the Middle Ages reached its peak. Emperor Maximilian and the Fugger resided here, nobility and rich citizens could create art treasures that can be admired to this day.

Especially worthwhile is the hike to Pillberg from September until early November. The many autumnal sunshine, brightly colored forests, clear mountain air and the incredible panoramic view are a real treat. Almost famous is the Kellerjoch for its honey-colored larch forests. Another beautiful destinations, which can be combined with the winery visit, are the Kellerjochkapelle to Gamsstein and the way of the senses at Hochpillberg, which stimulates the mind with art works.

The winery „K fruit winery“ it is best to drive on Sundays. Because there is always from 14 clock to taste the wines and liqueurs, or to buy from the farm. „We fruit farmers will never work out,“ Dieter says Short. „The first harvest is already going on in the spring with the strawberries. Then there are cherry, apricot, elderberry, blackberry, plums, apples and rowan berries. „A special rarity of winemakers Duos Knabl and short is the fruit wine wine berries (blueberries), which is hardly distinguishable even for avid wine drinkers of a grape wine.

Now in the fall ends the long harvest year. Rosehip the Wild Mountain Rose are next to some late apple varieties the last fruits that are still collected. A prickly issue – against the thorns also help working gloves as well as not. Last year, Dieter had short set a good kilo of the fruit with sugar and alcohol, because his wife Evi Kurz wished a rose hip liqueur. But the 5-liter vessel got so busy forgotten. Up there in the spring came in cleanup reappear. „I thought: Damn, what’s that,“ said Dieter remembers short. Having filtered the strange yellow broth with a pale, rosinenartigem Something in there and had courageously tasted, he experienced a revelation. After this first attempt gave 2.5 liters of a now golden velvety precious liqueur. „We are so excited that we are happy to take the prickly crop in purchase to raise the production of professional,“ the fruit winery is now planning larger quantities. And if you ask him very dear, he might be even a tiny sip of rosehip liqueur cost.


Stans in Tirol ist Ausgangspunkt für schöne Touren durch das Karwendel

Stans in Tirol ist Ausgangspunkt für schöne Touren durch das Karwendel

In Stans the imposing Wolfsklamm breaks through the Karwendel mountains

The walks to the young winemakers , however, is only one of numerous excursions that take their beginning in Stans . So is directly behind the Schwarzbrunn the entrance to a huge spectacle of nature : Here breaks Wolfsklamm by the Karwendel Mountains . Wildly romantic rock formations , thundering waterfalls , emerald green water and a splendid panorama in healthy mountain air provide an unforgettable experience . A hike through the most beautiful gorge of Tyrol is an experience , which any visitor can escape.

Die Steinmandl bei Stans (Tirol)

Die Steinmandl bei Stans (Tirol)

If one has the gorge traverses, one encounters the wayside on another unique, however, created by man: Hundreds Steinmandln were piled here. Of course we also expand as a souvenir the rock garden with a river pebbles. Then it goes on a leisurely rising, well-maintained path, always in view the rock monastery of St. Georgenberg, the oldest pilgrimage site in Tyrol. Situated high on a majestic cliff, it conveys stressful and tranquility seekers regain strength and energy. Hungry can dish up a few Tyrolean specialties in the adjoining restaurant pilgrimage. A little further below the towering Karwendel rock the Stallenalm, it belongs to the pen Fiecht, which includes St. George Berg belongs. The beautiful scenic location Alm is located 1340 meters above sea level and is one of the oldest mountain pastures in the Karwendel mountains.

If you like further hike may choose, for example, back in the direction of Stans, the rustic hut Bärenrast as a target. It bears its name in honor of the last wild bear which was shot here in Tyrol. For years they had accommodation for forest workers until it was purchased by the owners of the hotel Schwarzbrunn which organizes picnics there regularly for his guests. The cottage can also be rented by families or small groups with or without meals, four to six beds are available in the attic. The path brings yet another surprise: A big herd of deer, we encounter in an enclosure, as the path above the gorge of the woods leads to the Alpine pastures.

In the village church of Schwaz doppelschiffigen citizens and squires were separated

For hikers, mountain bikers but to wait around Stans numerous other attractions. Ever the Karwandel with 400 kilometers Nordic Walking is equipped paths. Im very sporty aligned Schwarzbrunn Guests are offered through a partnership with the bike specialists Movelo a large fleet of mountain bikes and e-bikes. Especially the latter are enjoying great popularity among the guests to control the close and somewhat more distant targets. „Along the way there are numerous stations where the battery can be replaced,“ said Schwarzenbrunn Deputy Director Arnold, „but it has still managed Guests, empty down the battery.“
In Renaissance Tratzberg (6 km), situated on a hill above the Inn Valley, immerse visitors after a serpentine journey into the 300-year history of the noble family Goess & Enzenberg. However, admission is steep for a guided tour at 14 euros. Panoramic can be more top sights in Tyrol Discover: The towns of Schwaz (4 km) with its silver mine and the unique parish church of „Our Lady“, the largest Gothic hall church in Tyrol. The massive, four-aisled church from the 16th century, two equally important main vessels – left for citizens; right for the former miners. Around the same time also emerged the Fuggerhaus from which temporarily Anton Fugger managed his global company, and the Franciscan monastery founded in 1507 by Emperor Maximilian I. But even the „Fjord of Tyrol“ at the Achensee (12 km), the Swarovski Crystal Worlds in Wattens (14 km), the glass city Rattenberg (21 km), the medieval minting Hall (23 km) or the Tyrolean capital Innsbruck (30 km) worth all to visit. Sporting hikers can tackle even 19 kilometers away Engalm the Great maple back, one of the most beautiful places of the Karwendel ever.

In Schwarzbrunn the car can namely stop. All guests receive the same when they arrived the Silver Card with discounted admissions and guided tours as well as free use of public transport. Sightseeing also come to enjoy an excursion package with free vouchers: In Innsbruck are the entrance, the Hofburg and the Imperial Apartments, the ride on the train on the Seegrube Nordkette and the lift to the Bergisel Ski Jump free. In Rattenberg the Handicraft Art Museum can be visited for free, in Stams the High Baroque Cistercian monastery.

Ein Ort zum Relaxen: Das Hotel Schwarzbrunn in Stans (Tirol)

Ein Ort zum Relaxen: Das Hotel Schwarzbrunn in Stans (Tirol)

In Schwarzbrunn water from our own source comes

But you have not necessarily wander into the distance also . For the four- star superior hotel itself is a haven of peace and tranquility . Water from the onsite Schwarzenbrunn source flows into the indoor rock pools ( 180 square meters ) with waterfall , massage jets and loungers , and a heated outdoor lake ( 80 square meters ) with a view of the Tyrolean mountains. Water is the element in all treatments . The sauna world and a luxurious private spa suite providing a large scope for the individual enjoyment . Spa and relaxation rooms are by families and adults (aged 16 years ) separated . However, there are special family sauna times when the kids have access to the adult area.

Das Hotel Schwarzbrunn in Stans (Tirol) bietet seinen Gästen einen schönen Wellness-Bereich

Das Hotel Schwarzbrunn in Stans (Tirol) bietet seinen Gästen einen schönen Wellness-Bereich

One of the highlights is a spa treatment by the method of the Carinthian musician and body therapist Harald Kitz. The eponymous Haki method does especially top-heavy people well, because she relaxed at the same time internally as well as the upper back and neck muscles. „I can see and touch people like musical instruments,“ the philosophy of Harald Kitz. „Before I man verhelfe the body to a new sound, I may him retuning gesundheitsvorsorgend.“ With rhythmic pressure and oscillating movements and specially designed handles and techniques he puts the nervous and muscular system again in vibration – and even very „detuned sound body „in harmony and serenity and tranquility. The Schwarzbrunn offers recently also Haki-flow applications: The body is stretched with elastic bands in the 35 degrees Celsius warm water and gently put into a floating „alpha state“ as in a hammock. The combination of train, pressure and light vibrations relaxes the muscles and activates the self-healing powers. „People are 70 percent water,“ explains Harald Kitz. „It is the fundamental element in order to let go completely and restore the lost contact with the body.“

A special treat, the hotel Schwazbrunn has devised for guests staying three or more nights: Then the „All-Inclusive-Superior package“ applies to a wide Kulinarium-, spa, children’s and outdoor program. That means Mom and Dad’s wallet, for example: coffee and tea from 7 to 22 clock and soft drinks from 10 to 22 clock, the Active-Spa program, childcare and the outdoor-adventure program is free of charge. Even so a nice surprise. Author: Heiner Sieger



K – fruit winery

Open tastings , farm-gate sales : Every Sunday from 16.00 until 17.00 clock

Address & Registration: . Pillbergstraße 127 , 6136 Pill , +43 676 5858737 www.paprikawein.at ,

Schwarzbrunn :

Vogelsang 208 , Stans 6135 , Austria

+43 5242 6909 , www.schwarzbrunn.at

Note : The search of the editorial staff were supported by the Schwarzbrunn.

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