September 19: Let’s join the cattle drive at Brixental

Auftakt der Herbstsaison: Der Almabtrieb am Samstag, 19. September 2015, im Brixental.

Auftakt der Herbstsaison: Der Almabtrieb am Samstag, 19. September 2015, im Brixental.

Kirchberg/Brixen/Westendorf (Tirol) – The highlights at the beginning of the fall season in Brixen, Kirchberg and Westendorf are undoubtedly the trips home the farmers, in which the cattle is driven from the mountain pastures back to the meadows in the valley. The cattle drive, which is this year on Saturday, September 19, 2015, celebrated, is an ancient tradition and a dazzling display of colors, scents and sounds. Early in the morning the cows are decorated with bells, colorful flower arrangements and flowers and marching from the mountain pastures into the valley. The big cattle drive is celebrated with a beautiful traditional festival, Tyrolean delicacies and local music.

Framework Programme for Kirchberg:

The local peasantry Kirchberg that Kirchberger farmers and rural youth Kirchberg pamper guests from 9:30 clock when Lendparkplatz with regional delicacies. For great atmosphere the Orchestra Tom & Jerry makes. In addition, costume dances take place the children’s group of Trachtenvereins Kirchberg and the Kirchberg folk dance group. For the younger visitors, a great children’s program is offered.

Framework Programme for Brixen:

The traditional Almfest with a delicacy street of Brixen farmers and farmers will take place from 10 clock in the village square of Bressanone. For great musical entertainment that boys Zellberger from the Zillertal worry. Here you can avail the opportunity to taste typical Brixentaler food at Farmer’s Market and admire craftsmen.

Framework Program for Westendorf:

In the center of Westendorf, Hoamfahrerfest takes place from 10 clock. Typical Brixentaler fare and regional specialties are offered for tasting and traditional music is provided by the „Hinterlechner“.

A week later, on 26 September, in the Hotel Elisabeth Almfest from 10 clock with a craft and farmers‘ market instead. Here are going from house Scherrhof from Hintenbachalm to the farm in Kirchberg hundred animals. To strengthen human and animal Elisabeth stop is made at the hotel. Cheese specialties of the show-and Gustierkäserei Kasplatzl offered in traditional music to food. In addition, there also the Maypole auction of rural youth Kirchberg takes place.